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Learn French for studies

After knowing the existence of an exchange program between my Brazilian university and a university in a French-speaking country, I decided to go there in order to continue my higher studies. To validate my registration, I must present a DELF attestation at minimum level B1 at the host university.

You are leaving for at least several months to continue your studies!

Well done ! We can assure you it is a great experience!


The first and most important step, of course, is learning French. This process takes place in three parallel blocks: the first, learning French to pass DELF B1; the second, learn French specific to your field of study; and the third, but no less important, to learn French for everyday life.


In our experience, following these steps is the best way to be successful. We intervene by showing you the structure of the DELF and all the necessary tools so that you can prepare for it.


The DELF certificate is one of the documents required to validate your registration at the university. But there are still other administrative steps to be taken. You will find yourself faced with documents sent either by the embassy, at the time of the VISA application, or by the body responsible for foreign students (for example Campus France for France), or by the university itself.


Do not panic ! It doesn't seem to be, but it's very simple!


We set up preparatory courses for the DELF and also private French lessons with a specific objective during which the teachers can accompany you in all your steps!


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Learn French for studies with
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