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Our stand-alone programs

We have developed autonomous programs for anyone wishing to learn French as a foreign language (FLE).


We think this way of learning is different, complementary to "live" lessons and very interesting

In order to allow you to discover this system, we have decided to design and offer the French Tourism program - for the Brazilian public .

What are the benefits of stand-alone programs?

Our self-directed programs allow participants to have autonomy in their learning .

Indeed, when you start a program, you can take your time. And besides, we invite you to move forward calmly . It can be interesting, for example, to complete a step every day until the end of your program. It's not a race!

What is the structure of the programs?

Stand-alone programs are broken down into stages .

The stages must be completed one after the other, this is the only rule.

In order to be the most complete, our programs are structured as follows:

  • a video tutorial for the technical part

  • a video presentation of the selected program

  • Several situations (steps). In each of these is:

    • a downloadable document from our Decoded French method that will allow you to learn vocabulary, grammar, read a dialogue and do exercises.

    • an audio file

    • then a dialogue staged in a video that can be followed thanks to the downloaded document.

    • a knowledge quiz to move on to the next situation!

1 step = 1 situation

2022-03-15 (2).png

Un programme en étapes

How to discover a standalone program?

You can easily access our French Tourism program - for Brazilian public . It offers  10 scenarios , and allows you to learn French useful for sightseeing in a French-speaking country. On the program, situations such as: finding transport , buying at the bakery , consulting a doctor , etc. We let you discover!

Join a program:

Rejoindre un programme
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