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Continue to practice and improve my French

I have been speaking French for a few good years. I have already taken many classes and traveled a lot. I even worked for a few years in a French-speaking country. Today I work part-time because I will retire soon. And since I have always liked this language, I want to continue speaking it.

Congratulations! You are coming to the end of your professional career and your well-deserved retirement is approaching! You certainly have a lot of plans and that of continuing to practice French could not be overlooked.


You will have some free time. Continuous contact with a foreign language will maintain your proficiency with it and this will be useful to you, in particular, if you use this available time to travel to French-speaking countries.


And you are right to want to continue! Some specialists in neurolinguistics (a field that studies neural phenomena that control the understanding, production and acquisition of language) have already shown us that we can forget a language if we stop practicing it completely, that also depends, of course. , of our level of mastery of this language.


You can sign up for chat sessions. In these sessions the teachers deal with various and varied themes!


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