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Learn French for work

My boss offered me a new position at work with a salary raise and the chance to live in a French-speaking country! I said I was interested in the proposal so I wouldn’t miss this great opportunity, but the problem is: my French is far from being the best.

If your boss made you this offer, he has reasons to believe you have the skills to succeed in your field. He knows you and knows that, even though you need to improve your French, you will give your very best to help the company.


Be confident! 


We are here for you and we will give you some tips to help you succeed in this new moment in your career. 


First of all, you must dedicate moments to study French. Then, keep in mind you have a clear professional goal, so don’t waste time on vocabulary that has nothing to do with the work you will develop in this new position abroad. 

We know it’s always comforting to meet and socialize with people of our own country that speak our language. But beware! Experience has shown that the more you practice French, the faster you get settled in the new country. So, you should prefer to meet the locals. This way you will improve your French and get to know the cultural aspects of the country.

Having this type of knowledge will probably be good for business. 

Our institute offers private lessons focused on specific goals and suitable to those who are about to go on an immersion in the French language! Our method is based on authentic communication that will allow you to have an idea of what to expect. 


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